January 9, 2010

Cabinet Removal

The fateful day is here.  It is time to start demolition.  We bought a WonderBar and a wrecking bar, and attacked them with a deadly fury. 

 First Cabinet is out!

 And there it sits

At this point I'm still trying to save the lowers.  I give up eventually.

That thing came down a bit scary.  My wife had a very concerned look on her face as I rocked it back and forth, slowly loosening it from its moorings.  I placed a couple cabinets we'd already removed on the opposite side I pushed from, so that it would have something to land on.  I just kept prying at that thing until, at last, I threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside. 

Just in case we still want to make some tea.

After knocking the thing over, I found this where the Fluorescent under-cab lighting was.  It's all charred and brittle.  Too close!  I threw the ballast from the light into the trash pile right away so I wouldn't mistakenly use it somewhere else.
A buddy Jessie had some fun taking out this piece.  I ended up destroying it later.

Notice the lack of subfloor under the cabinets?  Just the original planks.

That took about 3 days of after-work destruction.

Many gallons of midnight oil were spent, here.  I'm glad to see that picture, though.
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